Fun Fitness

Keeping children physically and mentally fit has always been a priority, but for many families this poses considerable challenges, especially during times of social and physical restrictions.

Fun Fitness is a LIVE exercise program that makes getting your daily exercise easy, especially when you are stuck at home! Aimed at stretching muscles and getting the heart rate going, this interactive shows lets children reconnect with each other in a way is fun and exciting. Being active releases important endorphins that not only helps to boost a body’s immunity, but promotes mental wellness too.

Our 30 minute program starts with a warm-up, peaks with a workout and ends with a surprise free-style song. No equipment is necessary and all exercises have been carefully selected so that they can be performed in a limited space. Prizes are awarded each day to keep kids engaged, motivated and acknowledged…

Join us each weekday from 12:30-1:00 pm for a new fitness show! Let’s keep our bodies moving and grooving!….

Click below to see our kids in action and to find links for some of our recent classes!

Previously recorded live fitness classes