Music Memory

MUSIC MEMORY is a nationally recognized curriculum designed to promote the love and knowledge of classical music. Each year, we study the music of sixteen different composers (Bach, Mozart and Beethoven recur annually!), and we use this as a jumping-off point for various excursions into music theory and appreciation, history, listening skills, life lessons, the visual arts – you name it! The quizzes, however, are simply designed to test the student’s ability to recognize snippets of music that they hear.

Our third, fourth and fifth grade classes have currently completed half the course, but they haven’t done the assessment. The audio and .pdf for the assessment are below, as well as the animated listening maps for the various selections as a review tool. (Most of these haven’t been watched in class, so our students may find them mildly entertaining!) I’ve also added a document containing links to some YouTube videos that we have seen in class.

When your student feels they have done sufficient review to attempt the quiz, they are welcome to send their answers to me at  – or they can wait until next Friday, when I will post the answers and they can grade themselves on the honor system. Look out for information on composer #9, Giacomo Puccini, next week!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Penny Hawkins

Classroom Test Grades 3-6